The Bachelor: Selena Gomez and Madison Prewett–are friends?


Looks like Bachelor’s Madison Prewett has a new best friend in town!

The Bachelor’s Madison Prewett and Peter Weber may have called it quits, but Ms. Prewett is nursing her heartbreak with a new friend. No, not that kind of a friend. It’s more of a girl power, BFF kind–in the form of Selena Gomez!

Yes, that’s right. Just this week, Gomez’s Instagram stories showed that she and Madi were hanging out at a Target getting ready for some self-quarantine time. Crazy, right?! So, were they friends from before? Or did they just become friends? We have so many questions!

Honestly, we have no idea, but the world of Bachelor Nation has a funny way of bringing together the most unlikely of individuals. I mean, we’ve seen it happen time and time again. Did we ever think that the adorable Tyler Cameron would end up dating Gigi Hadid? Or that Mike Johnson and Demi Lovato would hang out?

It almost ends up being one of the perks of being on a Bachelor Nation show, whether or not you win. As long you make it long enough on a show or make enough of an impression, you’re set for the life that follows after you walk away from the mansion.

The Bachelor season 24 finale was a rough one to get through, especially for Madison Prewett who was reamed on live television by Peter Weber’s mother. It comes as no shocker now that Barbara Weber was not a fan of Madison’s. She wanted Peter to have nothing to do with her, and eventually, it led to Weber and Prewett parting ways.

However that relationship ended, and now Prewett is nursing her broken heart by hanging out with some A-list celebrities. I mean, Selena Gomez and her are friends!

Peter Weber, who?

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