The Bachelorette: 6 reasons why Clare Crawley is the right choice

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She’s a girl’s girl

There is something about the way Clare sounds–she is so comfortable and soothing when she speaks to other women, which truly makes friendships with Clare easy. I remember watching Juan Pablo’s season with my sister and us feeling like Clare is extremely genuine and articulate in the way she talks.

As a matter of fact, Ashley Iaconneti Haibon’s now-husband, Jared Haibon, dated the 38-year-old babe on Bachelor in Paradise, and Ashley STILL admits that she is Clare’s number 1 fan because of how amazing this woman truly is. Remember Becca Kufrin’s season?! A girl’s girl always makes for a genuine lead.

Her story is unfinished

If you are like me and have been keeping up with Crawley’s journey, then you understand that this 38-year-old woman’s love story is not done. It is not about keeping count of how many times Clare has been on the franchise. It is about truly understanding that someone of her genuine nature, that prioritizes finding love, deserves this huge shot at love. I mean, isn’t that the whole premise of the show?!

We know people have a lot of criticisms about Crawley being our next Bachelorette, however before you criticize the new lead in any way, just think about all the established 40 something-year-old men that will also be joining hopefully for the “right reason” to win Clare’s heart.

Positivity time people! Let’s go Crawley!

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