The Bachelorette: 6 reasons why Clare Crawley is the right choice

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She is not afraid to be open

Clare was first spotted on The Bachelor from Juan Pablo’s season. Not only did she make it to the final two, but this gal was VERY vocal when making her exit after she realized that Juan Pablo was not the man she knew him to be (as many others from Bachelor nation came to realize as well).

Juan Pablo is quite literally the most controversial Bachelor out there because of some of his extremely rude remarks and she was quick to call him out. She gives me Hannah Brown vibes as she is not afraid to speak her mind. YOU GO, GIRL!

She is not social media hungry

Maybe this is an age thing, or maybe just a personal preference. But, one thing that we can understand is that this Bachelorette is not coming from a place of fame hunger. Yes, she has been on television multiple times, but if you scroll through her Instagram, there are more pictures of her dogs and scenic views rather than Fab, Fit, Fun ads.

Even if she becomes “Instagram famous” at the end of this all, it is more comforting knowing that fame was secondary while her primary goal was genuinely to find love.


This not her first rodeo

Clare was on The Bachelor during Juan Pablo’s season, 2 seasons of Bachelor in Paradise and a quick season of The Bachelor: Winter Games.  Although, she did manage to find some love interests during these times, those relationships (obviously) did not work.

This Cali gal will know a thing or two about getting around the camera in a more “comfortable” setting for herself. She will have known some of the producers, the conditions of being on the show and perspective from the men’s side.