The Bachelorette: 6 reasons why Clare Crawley is the right choice

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Clare Crawley is the next Bachelorette–and we have six reasons why she is a perfect choice!

The new Bachelorette was announced earlier this week on Good Morning America and it is none other than–Clare Crawley, ladies, and gentlemen! We know many fans of Bachelor Nation may not know who Crawley is, or her connection with the franchise.

We’re eager to share and inform those of you who don’t know about our new Bachelorette about all the things that make her the perfect choice for our next leading lady. Seriously–she’s wonderful! Whether it’s her age or the inspiring way she stood up to Juan Pablo back in the day, there are so many things to love about her.

The blonde hairstylist and dog lover from Sacramento, California is going to steal everyone’s hearts when The Bachelorette premieres. So, without further ado, let’s break down exactly why Clare is going to make for a GREAT lead.

Her age

Clare is 38 years old. It is important to remember this because many, many complaints that fans have about Peter’s season are about the contestants being “too young, too immature”. However, this beauty is wise beyond her age and she comes with experience–both in and out of the Bachelor world.

I mean not to throw shade, but we had a Hannah Ann that has “never been in love before” *Sigh*. Her being older is going to allow her to make better decisions on taking this process more seriously than the next. After all, isn’t variety the spice of life? We’re ready for you Clare!