Who will be our next Bachelorette? Here are the top contenders!

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Tia Booth

I’m the first to admit – Arkan-sassy is my top pick. For nothing but purely personal reasons, I’m rooting for the Weiner native to come out on stage this Monday. Another age-appropriate lead at 28, Tia would bring a refreshing spunk to the role. Personally, I’m over the tears – I want a feisty Bachelorette, and that’s Tia to a…T (pun disease is real folks). While Tayshia was a strong contender for last season, Tia was essentially set to be the preceding lead before Arie screwed everything up – with the role ultimately going to a (much) deserving Becca.

A possible Tia clue is Reality Steve’s spoiler of one of next season’s filming locations: Chattanooga, TN. It’s possible that this is happenstance – Cleveland isn’t particularly a coastal city akin to season’s past. However, it’s a curious coincidence that Tia currently lives in Nashville, TN.

In a way, she reminds me of Hannah B.; we should expect unfiltered, energetic energy with a Tia season. To me, she’s the antithesis of Tayshia – certainly not in a bad way. While Tayshia would have a calm, commanding presence, Tia would contrast with a level of scrappiness – and surefire clapbacks at deserving suitors. Much like Tayshia, Tia has had real relationships as well; she was in a serious relationship for about a year until this past October.

Like Tayshia, there are certainly drawbacks to this choice – viewers were…for lack of a better term, over her in Paradise on Season 5. Fans aired their grievances with her drama-filled Colton saga – myself being one of them, actually. I’ll certainly own up to previously feeling lukewarm on Tia.

However, it’s been several years since her beach meltdowns, and from what I’ve seen since, the girl is ready. Further, it’s clear there’s no bad blood between her and Colton – with Colton himself endorsing her for the role:

This holds a lot of weight to me, as it’s inevitable that he’ll be dragged into a Tia season as a storyline. His vocal support of her as the Bachelorette should show viewers that what happens in Paradise, stays on social media for a year tops.

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