The Bachelor: Best and worst moments from Fantasy Suites

Fantasy Suites week was quite the rollercoaster on this week’s The Bachelor, wasn’t it?

The Bachelor has been the talk of the week ever since the Fantasy Suites episode aired. People can’t stop talking about Madison’s decision and “ultimatum” and theorizing on who Pilot Pete will pick in the end. There has been a lot of discussion on whether or not what Madi said to Peter was fair or not, and I think that’s something we can debate forever…and ever.

There were a lot of moments that stood out to us during this week’s episode, and we felt it was important to reflect on some of the best and worst moments. As we head into the season 24 finale in just less than two weeks, there’s a lot to think about in terms of how this season will end.

And given how Fantasy Suites went this week, it’s really tough to say what the end will be. Of course, there are no spoilers so there is definitely no way of knowing what will happen until the finale premieres.

Here are some of the best and worst moments from this week’s Fantasy Suites episode of The Bachelor!

Best Moments

The Bachelor


Madi being true to herself

This is probably one of the best moments of the show. We see a contestant stay honest and convey her truth, morals, and values to the man she loves. Truly, it is a great situation/moment as with this franchise, it is very easy to lose your own identity and let go of some of the beliefs that you have kept for yourself. In the midst of all things “saving yourself”, we should commend the Auburn gal to staying true to herself. You go, girl! But maybe…watch the show next time?

The Bachelor


Girls reassuring Peter to follow his heart

Contrary to everything Madison has been conveying on The Bachelor, we see Hannah Ann and Victoria build this extremely comfortable environment for Peter during this episode to truly follow his heart.

Hannah Ann tells Peter she wants him to do “what you have to do” and it’s THE OPPOSITE of what Madison has told him.

We even hear Peter thank Hannah Ann for communicating this to him during a very stressful time–this type of advice is exactly what he needs. I mean, can we cut this man some slack?! He is on this journey to find love and easy advice like that during this pivotal time period is extremely necessary.

The Bachelor


Peter knowing HOW to handle Victoria F.–before she got crazy

We have seen what quite literally might be a season full of communication being lost in translation when it comes to these two. Specifically, when it comes to Victoria F. They have a conversation, she gets up and abruptly leaves, and Peter goes after her and then…she apologizes.

This has been a repetitive trend throughout this season. But it was truly in this moment that we realized that not only does Peter know how to handle Victoria F. before she gets way in over her head but they both have recognized this. FINALLY! It only take about the entire season 😉

Worst Moments

The Bachelor


The girls staying together during Fantasy Suite week

I mean this has GOT to be on top of the list of one of the worst concepts that could possibly be happening during this VERY crucial week. In The Almost Famous Podcast feat. Ben Higgins and Ashley I., Chris Harrison stated that this was done on purpose to get some of those tactics and conversations revolving around the Madi-Peter conflict rolling.

But I still think it was something that should NOT be repeated. Historically speaking, contestants around this time are usually VERY isolated and away from each other as it is the time to focus solely on your own relationship and nothing else.


Victoria’s harsh comments towards Madi

We all know that what Madi is saying is controversial and there seems to be a divide in Bachelor Nation with what people think Maddie should and should not be doing. But, really Victoria? She calls frontrunner and fan-favorite Madison Prewett “disgusting” for refusing to sleep with Peter.

I mean, it is just not okay considering the many many controversial things that have been consistently occurring with Fuller herself. She is in no position and this is definitely NOT okay.

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What did you think were the best and worst moments from Fantasy Suites? Comment below!

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