The Bachelor: The internet figures out mystery house from finale promo

Whose house is Peter Weber at in The Bachelor season 24 finale promo? The internet has apparently figured it out.

The Bachelor is gearing up for the epic and “most dramatic” season finale ever. Peter Weber’s season has certainly been turbulent, for the lack of a better word, and we’ve finally reached the end of his journey.

In the finale promo, there is a whole lot of crying apologizing going on, but no clarity as to who is on the other end. But there’s one more thing that has come up on the Reddit-verse this week, and thanks to our very own Bachsleuthers’ diligent sleuthing we have learned something new.

Reddit forums have been blowing up about the house Weber is seen outside of in the finale promo. And as it turns out, they’ve figured out where the house is! If you want to take a peek at the house, check out Bachsleuthers Instagram story here.

This is a house we have never seen before, so naturally, everyone is wondering whose house it is. And these questions stem from the fact that we have no idea how Weber’s season of The Bachelor is going to end. There are no spoilers and no inclination as to what is going to happen, possibly because it hasn’t even happened yet.

In any case, Bachsleuthers discovered in Reddit forums that the house Weber is seen at in the promo is an Airbnb rental in Los Angeles. This strikes us as peculiar because it means all this apologizing is going on back in LA after Weber has returned from Australia where he was with his final three ladies.

Given all the speculation about the house, there are a number of things that this could mean. Maybe Peter returns to LA to talk to Madison after she self-eliminates (a popular theory) and apologizes for letting her go. That would line up with his very emotional mother telling him to bring “her” back.

Or as Cosmopolitan points out, maybe Weber is breaking up with his finalist, maybe to be with Madison, or maybe because he’s decided to call off all relationships. Or, because, well, I don’t know, but it could be so many things.

I’m curious to learn what you guys think about all of this, or if you have your own theories about whose house Pilot Pete is at in the promo. Luckily, The Bachelor season 24 finale is almost here, but first, we have to get through the Women Tell All.

Whose house do you think it is? Share your comments below!