The Bachelor Season 24, episode 9 spoiled recap: Intimacy issues

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Hannah Ann’s FSD

Hannah Ann, her bad shorts, and Peter hit the water on jet skis during the daytime portion of their Bachelor fantasy suite date. Her shirt ain’t it either, but that’s neither here nor there. They eventually dock and pull up to a pebbly island to talk.

Said talk goes in the exact opposite direction of Peter’s previous conversation with Madi, with Hannah Ann giving him her full support to do whatever he needs to do to move forward to next week, and ultimately the final rose ceremony. Very Tyler C.-esque; hope it ends better for Hannah Ann than it did for him!

While Peter and Hannah Ann make out in the ocean, we get a peek at Victoria and Madi’s one-on-one date. Victoria is fishing for Madi’s feelings on fantasy suite week. Obviously, there isn’t much to talk about, and Victoria has likely been prompted to guide the conversation this way by production, but this whole situation is so icky.

The producers clearly wanted to get inside Madi’s head and push her as far as they could – Chris even admitted as much in two separate podcast interviews. It’s the same thing they did with Cassie when they flew her dad out – it remains to be seen if Peter has a fence jump of his own this season when Madi reaches her breaking point.

Peter and Hannah Ann go to dinner at The Star Casino for the nighttime portion of their fantasy suite date. We assumed Peter’s blatant disregard of Ranger Rick’s request that he keep his feelings to himself was due to a lack of comprehension or inadequate hearing, but Peter doubles down on his feelings for Hannah Ann. He tells her again that he is falling for her, and she appreciates the validation. It really does seem like Hannah Ann is all in on Peter at this point. She is tearing up throughout their conversation, and it’s clear to us that she has real feelings for him.

Back at the room, we continue the painfully awkward slumber party where Victoria and Madison are talking about fantasy suites…again. Victoria says it is weird “for sure,” which is a way to put it, and it’s clear Madi has started to unravel. She says “it’s hard to think about” what Hannah Ann and Peter are doing at the moment.

Peter and Hannah Ann decided to forgo their individual rooms and we finally get that bathroom door make-out they have been teasing all season on The Bachelor. For some reason, we do not get a morning after clip of these two, despite the matching socks from the promo and the champagne scene Peter accidentally storied. Nicely done, Faux Pas Pete.

Back at the hotel, Madi and Victoria are… you guessed it, again discussing the fantasy suites. Clearly, Hannah Ann has not returned from her date and spent the night with Peter (but, as we know, that doesn’t necessarily mean they slept together). The constant conversations about the fantasy suites are clearly wearing Madi down, and she admits she is “close to, like, reaching my breaking point.”

Somewhere, whichever producer came up with this joint-rooms idea has gotten a raise.

Hannah Ann walks back in and sits with the girls. We’re sure the ideal scenario for production here would be for Hannah Ann to not-so-subtly imply she and Peter windmilled all night long, but she is having none of that. She basically says nothing other than that her date went well and she is excited.