The Bachelor: Madison is not Luke P.–and here’s why

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With hometown dates in the rearview, The Bachelor heads to the Fantasy Suites. While you might be getting Luke P. flashbacks heading into Madi’s revelation to Peter, Madison is not Luke P.–and here’s why.

Last week, we recapped FanSided’s “Can I Steal You for a Second?” podcast hosted by Bachelor alum Dustin Kendrick, Ashley Young, and Shea Corrigan, regarding the topic of Madi’s virginity on The Bachelor.

While the jury is still out on whether she waited too long to tell him, as we saw at the end of Monday’s Bachelor episode, that conversation is on the horizon. It’s hard not to draw a comparison to Luke P. and Hannah’s conversation on The Bachelorette, but in no way are Luke P. and Madi the same, and here’s why.

On this week’s podcast, the trio, joined by fellow alum Clay Harbour (who didn’t watch last season apparently, so he probably still enjoys dog commercials), breaks down the key difference between Madison and Luke P.

First, here’s the only qualm: her virginity, and subsequent request (as we’ve seen in previews) that Peter not have sex with the other girls, really makes no sense with Peter’s “storyline” being literally sex. In case you oh so reasonably forgot, Peter had sex with Hannah four times in a windmill. Did you know Peter had sex? In a windmill? P.S. it happened four times.

With that said, as Dustin puts it, they “said the same thing, but their storylines are totally different.”

People have certainly been pointing out the similarities – the ultimatum, holding standards over people’s heads, etc. However, via an “eloquent DM” Dustin received, Ashley really hones in on the key difference between what Madi asks of Peter; specifically, how she says it.

"Luke P. showed signs of manipulation and power dynamics over Hannah the whole season. He manipulated the people in the house, and just had a very aggressive personality. Whereas Madison is coming from a place of “this is what i believe, and if we aren’t on the same page, then this isn’t gonna work out.”"

The trio noted they were quick to make that initial judgment, and wrongfully so, but they’re spot on regarding the key distinction. Luke P. was exploited power dynamics and essentially tried to strong-arm Hannah into being the “perfect wife” he envisioned. Moreover, he legitimately waited until after she had two Fantasy Suites (for the record, Luke P.’s was after Jed and Peter’s, and Tyler’s was last – really puts her date with Tyler, and her awe of his respect for her, in perspective).

You simply cannot…retroactively ask someone not to do something. Not only that, but it wasn’t even a request – it was a demand. He also enshrined it in a religious aspect to specifically exploit Hannah’s belief system as well. Luke P. shamed Hannah. Madison is not shaming Peter. Moreover, she hasn’t spent the entirety of the Bachelor season engaging in manipulation nor has been remotely aggressive towards the other women.

As The Bachelor enjoys to do, I’m willing to bet my life-savings that this conversation will be twisted and blown out of proportion. But in reality, it sounds like Madi is just trying to be honest with Peter and where she’s at, and allow HIM to make his own choices with this information. Aka, not shoving it in his face and making him feel like a bad person for acting otherwise.

While this season debatably needed Jesus to appear in the shower, Madi’s storyline is astronomically different from Luke P.’s. That said, it’s likely that this conversation will have massive implications on how the rest of the season plays out. Buckle up!

For more on last week’s episode, take a listen to the full podcast to hear Dustin defend Hannah Ann’s accent, whether Merissa should’ve warned Peter if Kelsey should be the Bachelorette, and Clay and Dustin on Peter’s (lack thereof, at least his dribbling) athleticism:

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What’s your verdict? Do you agree that Madi is simply be honest, and not trying to manipulate Peter à la Luke P.? If Peter has sex, will Jesus still love him? Let us know your thoughts!