The Bachelor: Season 24, episode 8 spoiled recap: Virginia is not for lovers

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Next up is our girl Kelsey (whose Bachelor hometown date was filmed November 1st). We thought all Iowa had to offer was corn and a mismanaged Caucus, but turns out they have wineries, too! The pair head to Summerset Winery in Indianola, IA. They really missed the opportunity for a Children of the Corn reprisal here. Big shout-out to the fans who followed them there and sent us pictures back in October. Truly doing the Lord’s work, Bachelor Nation.

Peter and Kelsey make wine and stomp grapes – is there a pattern with these “get your aggression out” dates, or is it just us? Actually, we’re sorry, they’re…ballroom-style dancing to Italian music in a bucket of grapes and sampling wine thereafter. We have several questions:

a) Why did NO ONE wash their feet beforehand? Let’s be real, that bucket of stomped grapes was thrown out after they left.

b) What is this Italian music?? We’re in IOWA! Winemaking is not exclusive to Italy. Napa would like a word.

They peck-kiss-makeout in rows of grapevines and, while the scenery is beautiful and the two of them are cute, we still don’t see a connection here. We’re sure viewers are equally as stumped as to why, as we’ve had such a treat watching Peter’s relationships form this season. We then head to Kelsey’s home where we meet her BEAUTIFUL family.

It’s important to note that production tried to get her dad – the one that left her mom via a letter and no one has spoken to in years – to crash this date for the ~dramz. We, too, are clutching our pearls in utter shock. Luckily, he didn’t show up, and we instead get a cute hometown with Jerry Gergich’s family.

Kelsey notes to her family at dinner, “we’ve had to overcome stuff.” We too saw Peter’s asthma attack atop the Peruvian hillside. The most important part of this hometown date is that Peter had no idea what Crab Rangoon was. What did he think it was, an STD?

Kelsey opens up to her stepdad and says she is willing to have her heart broken for the opportunity to find real love.

Kelsey: I am ready to get hurt again.

She says she is in love with Peter and has never felt this way about anyone. There’s not that much crying involved, we’re impressed.

“What is it about him, Kels?” – Kelsey’s mom, and all of America.