The Bachelor: Season 24, episode 8 power rankings

The pickings are slim, as we’re just left with three women vying for Peter’s heart on The Bachelor, but who’s the true frontrunner?

It was a WILD ride on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor; we had hometown dates that took Pilot Peter from the shores of Virginia Beach, to the basketball courts of Auburn, a great anger management exercise in Knoxville, and the romantic vineyards of Iowa. (Because Iowa is known for wine???)

Along with the super exotic locales of these dates, we had a plethora of tears, irritated dads who were not here for the right reasons, and a couple of true love situations somehow emerging from the chaos.

But, we also had Peter making what can be argued as the worst decision we have ever seen from a Bachelor. One that truly had all of Bachelor Nation chugging their wine in confusion, and me personally wanting to fight someone. Someone like Peter. Or Victoria. Or both, TBH. Ugh.

With that, let’s break down who ended up on top.

The Bachelor

ABC/Maarten de Boer

1. Victoria (we know)

To the shock of literally everyone including her, Victoria F. received the final rose at the ceremony, thereby moving on to what is really her ultimate goal of being on the show: Fantasy Suites. This insane move by our idiot of a Bachelor solidifies her as the number one power player of the week at the top of our rankings.

Between the sobbing, the accusals of attacks on her character, and the threat of being done and leaving the show for good, Victoria has managed to trap poor Peter and his love of victim-saving for yet another week. The girl can do no wrong despite being completely psycho and nowhere near wife material, and Peter has proven the sad stereotype of men loving crazy by rewarding her off-the-wall behavior yet again. A risky strategy on the part of Victoria, but it’s working for her.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; WTF are you doing, Peter?! I get that she’s hot and you want to get it in during Fantasy Suites (#respect), but you two have had fights every time you have hung out. I don’t think I have ever been this mad about a season of The Bachelor, so I guess props to the producers, but I need Victoria to go home. Specifically, I need her to leave nice, sweet Peter alone with his boring, safe other two wife options that are at least somewhere on the scale of normalcy. End rant.


ABC/Maarten de Boer

2. Madison

Second place in the rankings this week goes to pure, virginal Madison, who Peter appears to have real feelings for (even though she’s the flat out opposite of Victoria who is currently running the show).

Madi and her family were as wholesome and God-loving as I expected, and Peter felt like he was wrapped in a tight hug of warm fuzzies throughout the date. Our Bachelor is one pretty smitten kitten for Miss Madison and he probably thinks she is The One at this point. At least until next week, when she shoots down his attempts to repeat the windmill fun with the other two girls…..

ABC/Maarten de Boer

3. Hannah Ann

Rounding out third place is our only remaining contestant, Hannah Ann. Hannah Ann is definitely falling for Peter, and their middle school level romance is in full bloom – like a mono outbreak after a supervised dance in the gym. She isn’t pulling any strong punches, but she’s still here as probably the most normal of the girls, and ready to take things around the bases next week during Fantasy Suites.

Of note, despite not the obvious frontrunner, Peter found it perfectly reasonable to ignore her father’s wishes and told Hannah Ann he was falling in love with her. So he has…some things to clear up at the end of all this. Here’s hoping Hannah Ann can move up the ranks and maybe end up with Peter at the end of things? My fingers are crossed. I mean, anyone but Victoria, right?!

So there you have it. Mess. With Kelsey sent packing with fewer tears than expected, and Madison ready to drop the bombshell to our horned up Bachelor that she still has her v-card, we end hometowns and look forward to Fantasy Suites in Australia. See you down under!

Were you surprised at Peter’s final three ladies? Did last night’s episode make you feel ick as well? Let us know.