The Bachelor: ABC exec addresses Peter and producer theory

An ABC exec is addressing The Bachelor’s latest theory–Peter ends up with a producer. True or not? We’ll let you decide.

The Bachelor rumor mill is churning like crazy, especially with the latest theory. Based on a Reddit user’s deep-dive into Instagram and the internet, there are rumors that Peter ends up with producer Julie LaPlaca. This is why social media can be so tricky! Nothing stays a secret for too long, even when it’s not really a secret.

Because of a couple of pictures and comments, this theory has been making the rounds, and now ABC exec Rob Mills has responded to it. Let me be the first to tell you that he did not straight out deny it, but he’s not confirming it either, of course.

Honestly, this all started because host Chris Harrison and Pilot Pete himself keep alluding to the fact that The Bachelor ends in a way that a season never has before. We’ve had our share of insane endings, and the only thing left at this point is that he doesn’t pick anyone or that he hasn’t yet picked a person and it will happen live during the finale.

Well, I hate to get in the way of a good rumor, so I’m not going to confirm or deny about whether he ends up with a producer! I don’t know how we’d ever top that though! But, it is crazy. What we’ve seen about the finale over the years is that the ‘finale’ is really on that night when the show goes live. There’s a lot of craziness, it’s a roller coaster, but I would say even now the roller coaster hasn’t ended, and it won’t end until after After the Final Rose.”

At this point in the season, spoilers are all over the place and there’s no getting away from them. Given that we haven’t seen anything at all as we have in past seasons, I think it’s safe to say the ending hasn’t happened yet. And Mills sort of alluded to it in his statement as well.

Who knows, maybe he does end up with Julie and that is the big reveal that will happen during the finale episode. As Bachelor Nation fanatics, we can sit here and theorize all day, but I have to admit I like this producer theory.

I’m not a fan of any of the women from this season of The Bachelor and don’t really see a connection with anyone at this point. So, maybe there’s hope yet for this love story–and things could potentially turn around.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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