The Bachelor: Let’s get to know Peter’s final four women

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Kelsey Weier

Last but not least, my personal favorite contender thus far–Kelsey. Let’s backtrack on how far this girl has come from all things #ChampagneGate. She is emotional, vulnerable, but she is raw. She has been 100% with Peter since the beginning and has made some controversial remarks  along the lines that she has not been proud of.

But, she is the one that told Peter that she is falling in love with him. Kelsey is also the one that was vocal about her troublesome upbringing involving her family and it seems like Peter is ready to meet them and dive deeper into her life.

Again, Peter likes emotional women, and she definitely is someone that seems to get choked up every time she is vocalizing her love about the lead. She represents everything Peter might be wanting, but will that be enough for an engagement?

We’re almost at the end, folks! And honestly, this season of The Bachelor can take any turn, at this point. Stay tuned to see what goes down in the coming weeks!

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