The Bachelor: Let’s get to know Peter’s final four women

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Madison Prewett
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Madison Prewett

Madison has been a “silent killer” throughout the entire season. She was the one that Peter picked as his date to his parent’s vow renewal ceremony, and boy, what a commitment that was. Historically speaking, the one that gets chosen for the first one-on-one typically has one of two fates. He or she will either fade away in the dark throughout the weeks or come out stronger as the one with the highest standard of “best first date” threshold to hold to.

I mean truly, every time Peter is with her, it seems like he is gifting her something. Whether it is a frame of a picture of the family from the renewal or a poem or what was seen this week-the infamous-“I’m falling in love with you” line.

Madison has also remained classy and quiet during the loud Bachelor drama that has been occurring throughout the season, and she is also someone that has revealed a little bit about her religious faith to Peter. FYI, or correct me if I’m wrong, but it might be one of the first religious conversations of the franchise.

Peter seems like he is ready to be with someone that can bring out the best of him in terms of faith, but let’s find out if Madison is part of the upcoming preview that is to come about Peter’s intimate life.