The Bachelor: Let’s get to know Peter’s final four women

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The Bachelor

Victoria Fuller

Victoria has been a surprising front runner since the beginning. I mean, are we all forgetting that this girl was the one with the awkward inappropriate joke during her limo entrance and has not failed to cry pretty much every episode of this season of The Bachelor. Honestly, we sort of all forgot about that didn’t we?

It is no secret that Peter Weber is familiar with emotional women (Hannah Brown?? Peter Weber’s mother?? Every girl on this season??), and he likes women that are not afraid to show it. I believe that Peter likes Victoria because he likes the chase (ha ha…chase..get it..Chase Rice). Come on now, that was funny.

Many believe that he is only physically attracted to her, which is why he has not sent her home yet. I’d love to get everyone’s feelings on this, by the way. Do we agree with this?

I guess she has made him feel like she can leave at any time because of how “emotionally hard this process is”. However she somehow always convinces Peter to let her stay when it’s time. Will this emotional girl finally meet Peter at the end and match up to the level of love that Peter is offering?

Tune in to find out.