The Bachelor: Let’s get to know Peter’s final four women

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The Bachelor

The Bachelor season 24 is down to its final 4 women. Peter Weber is wrapping up his final weeks of The Bachelor to get one step closer to a life-long commitment…maybe? possibly? hopefully?

Or at least at this point–any commitment will suffice for how much of a train wreck this season has been. It’s been an up and down roller coaster, which may be the understatement of the year, but whatever we have to say, we’re finally left with the last four women.

Who are our final four that are heading off to hometowns in next week’s episode? Hannah Ann, Victoria F., Madison, and Kelsey. It took us a while to get here but got here we did. And now, we must sit back and watch the rest of the dramatic season unfold.

Let’s talk about the final four, shall we?

The Bachelor
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Hannah Ann Sluss

This Knoxville model has been stealing Peter’s heart since day 1 of this season’s The Bachelor. Peter can’t help but fall in love with those beautiful eyes and innocent persona. Oddly enough, this 23-year old gal has been in the center of drama on multiple occasions.

Many speculate that she is not here for the right reasons, and as much as that could be true, real feelings could be developing on her end. Peter had some concerns as he found out that she has never been in love before. But, Hannah Ann is trying to get there with Peter and after a whole season of not explicitly showing high emotions as much as the other girls, she wrote him a heartfelt letter.

We even saw her cry and weep minutes after the dreaded anxiety that came from the 3 on 1. Will Peter recognize this vulnerability and hope for a commitment or will he not have the clarity for someone that he could see a future with at the end? Let’s see!