The Bachelor season 24, episode 7 spoiled recap: They couldn’t add a light into the budget?

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Kelley, Hannah Ann, Victoria F. three-on-one

Kelley wanted a one-on-one with the alpacas but instead is subjected to the worst frat party ratio of girls-to-guys of all time.

We (finally) head to the three-on-one date with Hannah Ann, Victoria, and Kelley. Kelley is annoyed being on the date with “children.” It’s clear that the producers decided that Kelley was the villain of this episode, but the internet wasn’t having it.

Also, we didn’t think it could get more awkward than the backseat of the girls traversing the ghost corn maze that was Chris Soules’ farm, but here we are.

Perhaps not the nicest thing to say, but we understand she’s probably frustrated as she’s been low-key and mature throughout the whole show and has seen Peter repeatedly reward drama (she said as much on their one-on-one).

Peter excitedly tells the women that his bandaid is off. He’s so excited that it’s pretty adorable. But also, nobody cares about this dang bandaid but you, Peter.

In a jaw-dropping turn of events, Victoria does not handle the date well. She accuses Peter of always being in a mood and cries. Naturally, Peter gives her the first rose. If you’re confused about why he’d do such a thing: please rewatch the part where she’s getting in the car to go back to the hotel and take note of how intensely Peter is checking her out.

We can’t say we blame him for being too invested in how hot she is. Please see–Barney’s hot-crazy scale. (No, we’re not calling her crazy, nor do we support calling women crazy for having feelings. We are, however, noting that you can really get away with a lot based on how attractive you are.)

Anyway, Hannah Ann shares a list of things she loves about Peter. This was very sweet, but we couldn’t stop thinking about Elle Woods’ pink, scented Harvard application. Do you think she woke up one morning and said: I think I’ll go on The Bachelor today? Peter seems very into Hannah Ann as well. Cue more making out. After an incredibly long period of time, Peter holds a campfire circle with Hannah Ann and Kelley, minus the campfire.

Kelley is sent home without having her alpaca experience.  Did she get a Bachelorette edit? We think so! That said, we were robbed of the tag-team attorney brother cross-examination of Peter that we deserved.

We’ll see you next week in Auburn, Virginia Beach (truly can’t wait), Knoxville, and Des Moines.

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Did you see these eliminations coming? Would you have kept the two grown adults or prefer playdates? Let us know. Xoxo, Bachsleuthers.