Dustin Kendrick recalls awkward Bachelorette roommate experience

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In the midst of all the nonsense that is Peter’s season of love on The Bachelor, we have breaking knowledge to impart on Tyler Cameron’s sleepwear preferences.

Bachelorette alum Dustin Kendrick revealed an…interesting fun fact about fellow former contestant Tyler Cameron on FanSided’s “Can I Steal You for a Second?” podcast after last night’s episode. While recapping episode six with hosts Ashley Young and Shea Corrigan, they got a bit sidetracked – didn’t we all? Five hours of The Bachelor is debatably over the limit. (Bachelor producers: the limit does not exist!)

Ashley recently ran into Tyler Cameron and Clay Harbor at the NFL Honors in Miami, and as Dustin aptly puts it, “dropped the ball” and failed to say hi. In all fairness, she was hot, it was raining, and she felt that she was potentially hallucinating. As an alum of a university in the South, I can co-sign. She agrees that she “panicked” – which is all of us when meeting Tyler C. Thankfully, with this new knowledge on his sleeping habits, she’ll be much less awkward the next time around!

Dustin is admittedly bitter at this new bromance–where was his invite? He, “literally brought these two together, and they just kind of hit it off and become best friends and start hanging out without me.” Not cool, Clyler. As such, Dustin threw back a classic diss by spilling some very important tea on Tyler during their time together on The Bachelorette.

While recapping

the telenovela

last night’s episode, the trio touched on the tense environment that the contestants are subjected to. It doesn’t help that they’re all shoved in rooms together and get zero alone time, as Dustin confirmed no one gets their own hotel room. Further, they get to pretend they’re back in summer camp and choose their own roommates!

Dustin roomed with Mike, Peter, Garrett, Devin, and, in Latvia, Tyler C during Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. Who was the worst roommate? Did any of them snore?

Dustin responds with the answer we’ve all been waiting for (and deserve): “No one snores, but Tyler sleeps naked.” Ma’am, this is a Wendy’s.

European hotel rooms are apparently a center for ants and, while in Latvia specifically, Dustin and Tyler shared two little beds right next to each other. So close, “it’s almost like [me] and Tyler are sleeping in the same bed.”

"Long story short, he sleeps naked, and it’s pretty much the first time I slept with a naked man next to me."

Pretty much…? The girls inquired whether Tyler decided to be socially adept and ask if this was cool with Dustin. The answer is nyet. He simply went to sleep and said, “goodnight.”

Ashley and Shea: “I don’t know how to continue this podcast.” …. I, too, don’t know how to continue my thoughts, as Dustin further revealed that Tyler used to sleep on a BEAN BAG.

Dustin, apparently unfazed by Tyler’s freedom whilst sleeping, visited Tyler and his roommate, Matt James, in New York after the show. While Tyler was apparently not in the nude this time around, he and Dustin shared…a literal bean bag. It gets worse. Said bean bag was underneath a bunk bed that his roommate Matt slept in.

I…have no words. In the same segment, I’ve been alerted that Tyler somehow (to be fair, he had a brief stint on the Baltimore Ravens) scored an invite to the NFL Honors ceremony, yet spent months sleeping on a bean bag under a bunk bed. I need clarity. Even better? Tyler thought he was sleeping on a futon the entire time.

Well, there you have it…Tyler Cameron sleeps naked. Do with that what you will. Tyler, if you’re listening, Dustin wants to know if you still have the bean bag because it has sentimental value.

For more on episode six, and sleepover tales galore, here’s last night’s podcast episode of “Can I Steal You for a Second?” in its entirety:

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Are you also having uncomfortable mental images? Do you share the same sleepwear preferences as Tyler C.? Let us know your thoughts, Bachelorette (and Bachelor Nation) fans!