The Bachelor season 24, episode 5 spoiled recap: Scarface Pete

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(Highly uncomfortable) drama back at the villa

This segment was tough to watch on this week’s Bachelor. Further accusations are thrown around regarding Kelsey’s drinking habits, and an allegation is made regarding “pill-popping.” Respectfully, we are choosing to refrain from commenting on this situation regarding Kelsey. We are not sure we agree with the decision to even air this. Alcoholism and addiction are not only very serious topics, but they are issues that affect millions of people and their families, respectively. As such, our recap will be abstaining from further commentary.

With that said, our take is that all of this ultimately falls on Peter; he is fully to blame if his season on The Bachelor ends in disaster. He continuously positively reinforces bad behavior when it’s not necessary. He did not have to give Alayah the group date rose for a date she was not on, he did not need to pull a Sean Lowe and go give Kelsey a rose for yet another instance of tattling.

He is explicitly asking for the girls to act like this because he’s made it clear that behavior will be rewarded. We have barely seen drama-free Madi and Kelley in recent weeks. Even Hannah Ann has taken a backseat to this certified shit show. Chris Harrison, this is absolutely the time to step in and put Peter in a timeout.

Rose ceremony

We never want to hear about Hannah B. canceling cocktail parties ever again. Luke P. showed signs of clear manipulation and gaslighting, and he was the only (at the time) clear bad seed. Peter is in a sea of dramatic women, but while they may be acting catty, he’s not being outright manipulated.

He’s overwhelmed and choosing to just peace out rather than grow a pair and cut the crap. Peter should have refrained from going off with Tammy. You can’t cut the cocktail party and then have one-on-ones to further air out drama. The girls, thanks to Peter, have gone wild.

We lose Lexi and Shiann at the rose ceremony that is no longer debatably the set of Bachelor in Paradise season 7. What is this fake tree? It looks like they stole the Lion King set.

This episode of The Bachelor was setting female empowerment 500 years back a scene at a time. Hannah Ann consoling Mykenna was the only nice thing a woman did for another woman in this whole episode. Hannah Brown did not get slut-shamed for this. It’s extremely unclear why three hours were required for this episode – we were at least expecting some hospital footage with the extra hour of airtime. Here’s hoping things ~cool down~ in Chile on Wednesday.

As for the replacement Cosmo article? We got you covered.

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Are you tuning in for the continuation of this Bachelor mess tomorrow night? Do you, too, wish Peter would save the drama for his mama? We’re team Jesus, (please) take the wheel.