The Bachelor season 24, episode 5 spoiled recap: Scarface Pete

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Sydney’s one-on-one

Sydney gets the one-on-one, they take a helicopter and get absolutely too close to a volcano. Sydney makes a comment about the other girls…GIRL, GET OVER IT. Focus on Peter, Lordy. No more Snooping Sydney.

They sit down for a picnic. He tells Sydney she is the best kisser. This seems like a mistake since your future fiancé will see this but you do you, Pete.

Peter says he could be all depressed about his scar, but it really put everything in perspective.

Peter be like: “I won’t explain or say I’m sorry, I’m unashamed, I’m gonna show my scars.” Hopefully, he snagged some tickets for the My Chemical Romance tour.

Peter says he likes Sydney because he likes ~mystery~. It now makes sense why we’ve had no clue what’s been transpiring all season–it’s Perplexing Pete’s fantasy, we’re all just living in it. Sydney tells Peter she was raised by her mom and has only seen her dad a few times in her life. She also said she was bullied for being mixed race, which is awful, and they discuss that.

Did we transport to Bachelor in Paradise? We almost can’t take this seriously with the number of tropical arrangements. Peter likes Sydney because she has qualities. Shout out, Sue Brown.

They make out in the hot spring for a long while…We’re getting strong Ben F. and Courtney in the ocean vibes.

Back at the villa

The girls find out who’s going on the group date. We’ve never seen a more morose vibe. We get it, you all want the one-on-one date, but you weren’t all selected for jury duty–for Pete’s sake.

Kelsey is crying to Tammy about how hard it is to see Peter with other girls. Tammy tries to console her and say there is an end in sight (eh), but Kelsey is having NONE of it. Tammy says she didn’t cry this much when her grandfather died and, as emotionally detached Aquarians, we have never related to somebody more.