The Bachelor: Who went home during season 24, episode 4?

ABC/Jason A LaVeris
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Who went home during this week’s episode of The Bachelor? Absolutely no one.

The Bachelor didn’t lose anyone this week. In fact, it actually gained another contestant back, thanks to Pilot Pete’s indecisiveness. Now, some of you may or may not agree with me, but this whole back and forth has been a hot mess.

So far every episode of the season has been spent with Pilot Pete confused AF and ruining group dates by laser focusing on just one person. And that routine did not seem to change this week either courtesy of the drama surrounding Alayah.

Not only did Peter not send anyone home, but we didn’t even make it to the rose ceremony. And after deciding to bring back Alayah, he gave her the rose during the group date. Let’s just say the women were not happy at all. And why would they be? They spent the entire day tackling on the football field in Cleveland only to lose the rose to a contestant that had been sent home.

I’m not sure how this season of The Bachelor is going to continue in the episodes to come, but I have a feeling all the women are not very happy with Peter. He’s quite the frustrating Bachelor, isn’t he?

With no one eliminated this week and a contestant being added back in, I’m curious about what next week’s episode continuation will be like. I really, really hope that we get past this Alayah drama and actually get to the point of this franchise–finding love.

Based on how the season has been going, it won’t come as a surprise if Peter really does end up with Hannah Brown, when all is said and done. The women of his season are gradually getting more and more pissed with him, and his inability to figure out just what he wants will be the end of him–at least on The Bachelor.

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How are you feeling about Alayah’s return and no eliminations this week? Share your comments below!