The Bachelor season 24, episode 4 spoiled recap: Still hung up on the Browns

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The Bachelor
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Victoria F.’s one-on-one

Peter takes her flying because he’s a pilot. Did you know he was a pilot who flies planes? We know this show often reduces people to one or two interests but please make the piloting stop!! He takes every girl in his plane, it’s weird. It is cool when it’s one girl, but when you do it with every girl, it just seems like it’s your ~move~ and we don’t like it. Moving on.

They go to Cedar Point, a local amusement park. Victoria is afraid of heights, so naturally, she is thrilled to be flying in a small plane and subsequently going on rides. She apparently hasn’t seen this show and didn’t get the memo that the producers will ALWAYS, without fail, exploit your fears.

Her reaction is us whenever heights are involved. Amusement parks are a hellscape. Thank u, next.

Peter says there is just something about her–hmmm, could it be her entire body and face?

At a diner, Victoria toasts to their sons having a hot mom. This is an underrated toast and a moment of comedic genius. They talk about kids, and Peter says he wants either two or four kids because if you have an odd number of children, one has to sit by himself on rides. Victoria says Peter would be a great “girl dad” because he’s very nurturing, and Peter looks like the concept of having a daughter has never occurred to him before. Victoria F. taking Peter to new heights.

Peter is clearly really into Victoria. In our opinion, he has the most chemistry with her and Madi so far. Otherwise, he is somewhat flat with the other girls.

Peter is excited to take Victoria to a private Chase Rice concert because she “loves country.” Yes, yes she does. Allow this recap to devolve into a series of tweets on this matter:

Reality Steve tweeted that Chase has claimed they hung out once–boyfriend is definitely too strong a word but what else was she supposed to say? “A guy I used to hook up with?” Why do the semantics matter? It’s just as awkward nonetheless.

For the record, they were close enough that she flew out to see him before she left for the show, and they have a photo together. Seems like they met more than once but okay, Chase. Please stop acting like you’re the victim helplessly involved in the drama: you knew she would be on the show, she was obviously going to be on the date, you got to be the #1 trending topic on Twitter, and more attention than you’ve ever received in your career. Cry us a river.

Anyway, Victoria tells Peter at dinner that she and Chase used to date. She feels distraught telling him and he consoles her. He seems confused by which Chase he’s referring to and asks her to clarify that she means the singer. Peter, please.

He says repeatedly how much he values her honesty, etc. This show’s editing team is straight-up diabolical setting up the sleeping with married men finasco. We love mess.