The Bachelor: Season 24, episode 3 power rankings

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With #ChampagneGate lingering on everyone’s minds, Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor had a lot to live up to in terms of drama, tears, and general ridiculousness. Let’s just say it did not disappoint!

The Bachelor started off this week with Kelsey and Hannah Ann trying to resolve their bubbly, bullying feud. Peter got more than he bargained for with Victoria P. and her life story during their one-on-one, Queen Demi had the ladies pillow fight for Peter’s heart, a pool party where no one got in the pool was hosted, and a new rivalry between Sydney and Alayah emerged like the ghost of pageant days past. But were any of these contestants able to fly to the top?

Ranking first on not only Peter’s list, but I think all of wine-infused Bachelor Nation’s is Victoria P. who shall hence be known as Nurse Victoria. (You’re welcome, Victoria F.)

Nurse Victoria snagged the coveted one-on-one date and charmed Peter with her line-dancing skills before informing him of the sad saga that is her upbringing. It’s no having to eat lipstick to survive, but Victoria’s tale was definitely one that pulled on the heartstrings and touched our Bachelor. To the surprise of no one, she received the date rose and later acted as a trusted party when Peter was investigating the “Is Alayah fake?” scandal. Nurse Victoria, you saved Peter and this episode of The Bachelor.

Keeping her place in the top three this week is “Basketball is Life” Madison. Although she didn’t have tons of screen time Monday night, Madison had a comforting chat with Pilot Pete amidst the pool party debacle which reassured him of how genuine she is. (Poor Peter does not yet know of her fake fan account. Shhhh…..) He is clearly very comfortable with Madi and considering she has already met the fam (yuck), she is definitely a slam-dunk in Peter’s playbook.

Coming in third in this week’s power rankings is Snitch Sydney who called out Alayah on her on-camera persona/higher voice (and whether or not this pageant queen even has a job) both to the Bachelor himself and in front of the group when she was put on the spot. Savage move by our boy, Peter, btw.

The tears were aplenty throughout both the evening and the episode, and for the first time ever snitches did not get stitches.  Sydney’s bold moves paid off as she received the group date rose and her newfound enemy “I Know How to Put on a Show” Alayah was sent packing. (For now. Unfortunately. Just go watch next week’s trailer.) Props to you, Sydney!

Honorable mention this week goes to “It Turns Out I Don’t Even Really Like Champagne” Kelsey who defined bullying to Hannah Ann, had surprisingly helpful advice for Peter during his Alayah investigation, and received the first rose after the pool party day. Don’t call it a comeback.

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Will Victoria maintain her position at the top of the pack? Will the other pageant girls riot against Sydney for her crimes against their kind? And will Tammy ever get the attention she so rightly deserves? Only time will tell.