The Bachelor: Let’s break down the Alayah drama

The Bachelor’s Alayah Benavidez definitely hit the spotlight with her drama on this past week’s episode. So, if you missed the drama for any reason–grab a drink, sit back, and let’s go through what happened with the former Miss Texas beauty queen.

The Bachelor kicked off this week with Sydney Hightower being vocal about the fact that she would not want to be friends with someone like Alayah because of how “fake” and insincere she seems.

Next up was the group date, which was hosted by the one and only–Demi Burnett. There was a friendly pillow fight with the contestants to fight for what matters–PETER WEBER’S HEART! Specifically, Alayah and Sydney were paired together (Of course, what a tactical move made by producers).

At first the fight seems like it could be fair game but then we see Alayah “sit” on Sydney to pin her down successfully. Something that should be noted was that Sydney compared Alayah sitting on her at that moment to win to an “elephant sitting on a rat.” It is remarks by Sydney like these that start to give us a better direction on the fact that she really does not like Alayah.

Soon after, we advanced into the group date after-party where Sydney starts to question Alayah of what her intentions are. It seems as if Sydney has an agenda to bring it up to Peter about the “genuine” personality that comes from Alayah, and she does it.

Sydney makes points about how Alayah knows how to “turn it on” for the camera and she is not being genuine with Peter. Peter now takes matters to his own hands and in a very awkward moment–he asks Sydney to vocalize what was being said IN FRONT OF THE GIRLS (Yikes, talk about being put on the spot).

Naturally, Alayah gets emotional and upset about the situation. In my opinion, I think it is fair that she was. Come on people, don’t you realize at this point that if you have a concern with another contestant–try NOT to stress out the Bachelor lead with your thoughts. In Sydney’s defense, she was the “only one brave enough to speak out” but it is still something that should be considered carefully.

Finally, we come to the house, in what seems like a very comfortable environment to spend time with Peter. But of course, nothing can happen in the Bachelor house without drama. Multiple girls start to talk to Peter about their feelings toward Alayah. We see then that Victoria P. opens up to Peter about how Alayah and she were friends during a beauty pageant, and she reports to Peter on how Alayah had asked her to lie about the fact that they knew each other from before.

Peter is stressed and he finally confronts Alayah about it. It bothered him so much that he ended up sending her home during the cliffhanger of a rose ceremony. We see a sneak preview of what is to come next week on The Bachelor and it seems like the drama is NOT over yet…

In my honest opinion, I do not think what happened to Alayah was fair. I think that it is naive to think that the contestants or the lead for that matter don’t present themselves in a very articulate way when the camera is on.

Though, I will say it is important to pay attention to what many of the girls say collectively rather than just one person. According to many girls, there were concerns about Alayah’s authenticity. However, I still do not think that this should have been enough evidence for Alayah to be sent home. I think Peter should be giving her a chance because he could be truly missing out on love if the situation becomes extremely hearsay.

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Stay tuned to find out what happens in the next episode of The Bachelor. Comment down below and tell us–what do you think of Alayah?

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