The Bachelor season 24, episode 3: Is she being fake?

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This week’s episode of The Bachelor included a cowboy-themed one-on-one date and a drama-filled pool party as the house tension shifted from the stolen champagne over to Alayah.

The Bachelor was full of champagne drama last week. However, last night’s episode jumped right into Victoria P.’s one on one date instead of reliving the previous week’s tension. Peter picked her up wearing red flannel, and they drove off in a red truck.

Peter took Victoria P. shopping at a western-style shop. They line danced in the store before leaving wearing cowboy hats and boots. The second part of their date was in a crowded bar with loud music and many line dancers. They had a blast together! During their dinner, Victoria P. shared her emotional history, and Peter was kind and listened. He was thankful she opened up to him.

Back at the house, the debacle between Hannah Ann and Kelsey continued. The ladies decided to chat privately. The weirdest part of their discussion was when Kelsey said she didn’t even like champagne. The other women at the mansion were over the champagne and wanted the issue to go away.

The first group date of this week’s The Bachelor featured the women pillow fighting while wearing pajamas. Demi Burnett hosted this date, and the ladies fought one on one in a ring. The fighting was brutal! Later on in the night, Sydney called out Alayah in front of everyone for being fake. Peter announced that he didn’t have time for anyone who wasn’t there for the right reasons.

Chris Harrison arrived at the mansion and told the women there would be a pool party instead of a cocktail party. Peter expressed having some doubts after last night. All conversations focused around Alayah. Peter left after feeling extremely frustrated. The next time the women saw him was during the rose ceremony.

Alayah, Jasmine, Alexa, and Sarah didn’t receive roses.

In the final moments of last night’s episode, we saw Peter regretting not giving one of the ladies a rose–Alayah was in clips for next week’s episode.

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Did Peter invite her back? We’ll need to wait for next week’s episode of The Bachelor to see!