Why is Bachelor Peter Weber airing out Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron’s dirty laundry?

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Peter is currently starring in only his own personal dating show as the Bachelor, but all he can seem to talk about is his ex Hannah Brown – and it’s not a good look.

We’re not even a week into Season 24 of The Bachelor and it’s already extremely messy. We all saw the return of Hannah Brown on the season premiere and it’s safe to say things got surprisingly emotional. Well, depending on how you view production’s role in all of this. While we haven’t received #clarity on the scope of her role, if any, this season, it’s clear that almost no closure was to be had at After the Final Rose in July. And Peter is going out of his way, debatably quite unnecessarily, to let everyone know how he feels about it.

Peter joined Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin on Bachelor Happy Hour podcast on Tuesday, January 7th, to talk about ATFR for reasons that are still quite unclear. Since, oh, I don’t know, he’s currently the lead of his own season dating 30 other women not named Hannah Brown?

Instead of selecting the option to ya know, move on, Peter chose Door number throweveryoneelseunderthebus and shared his sentiments on Hannah’s supposed ‘mixed signals’ on finale night. He lamented to Rachel and Becca that he thought Hannah had made plans with him to meet up after the finale and was ‘hurt’ and surprised that she instead asked Tyler Cameron out for drinks:

"“I was prepared at [After the Final Rose] to, like, give it a shot and I knew there was a chance for The Bachelor and I was going to say no to the show…when I saw her for the first time after the show, we kind of had a brief saying goodbye to each other off-camera, caught up, and she said that she had moved close to where I was living. I was like, ‘No way, let’s meet up.’ We had agreed. I honestly got excited at that point. I was like, ‘Maybe, this isn’t over yet.’ I felt chemistry onstage to be completely honest.”"

I mean, I remember the first time I saw a childhood acquaintance at my hometown Starbucks and we awkwardly agreed to ‘grab a drink and catch up’ with absolutely zero intentions of doing so. Also, unless my comprehension skills have reverted back to illiteracy, I’m pretty positive that “I was like, ‘No way, let’s meet up'” was Peter initiating plans; “we agreed” is also conveniently vague. Does ‘agreed’ mean timid laugh and a weak ‘yeah, definitely’ from an emotionally and cognitively overloaded Hannah, or that she wrote a reservation time down on a napkin?

Here’s the thing: Peter’s absolutely allowed to feel hurt if he felt like there was still something there between the two of them. Where he loses me is his clear attempt to call ‘dibs’ and embark on a press tour detailing how this conversation apparently translates into him feeling scorned by Hannah.

ABC/John Fleenor
ABC/John Fleenor /

He went on to further impart his low-key temper tantrum while watching the second night of ATFR:

"“[And] she asked Tyler out. I was like, ‘What the hell?!” He expanded on his feelings adding, “I didn’t know that she still felt that way for me. I wasn’t DMing her like Tyler had been DMing her…they had been talking a little bit. I had never reached out to her. I was waiting to talk to her at ATFR. The part that pissed me off and hurt me was that we had talked about…And maybe I shouldn’t have gotten excited….”"

And then Peter went on this press tour. I was like, ‘What the hell?!” But seriously, read that quote back. Peter, don’t @ me. I should add that he ended this meltdown with, “So right there, I’m done, over it,” and ‘decided’ to move on.

Allow me to break down my ever-requested thoughts on this matter. First, I’ll repeat, I missed where Hannah signed a blood oath to get back together with Peter. ‘No way, let’s meet up,” translating into an apparent date is the literal representation of the tragedy that is dating in your 20s. And unless I missed something whilst embarrassingly following the hourly breakdown of Tyler and Hannah post-finale (aka, I did not), Hannah and Tyler DMing during the season was not public knowledge. Nor does it involve Peter, a third-party.

So, not only is he airing the dirty laundry between exes Hannah and Tyler, the latter of which absolutely did not ask to be included in this narrative, but he just comes off bitter and pissed he either misread cues or got rejected. Sad!

ABC/John Fleenor
ABC/John Fleenor /

Here’s where it gets a bit sketchy: Peter was the Bachelor by at minimum August of 2019. When this season’s contestants were released by Reality Steve, he revealed Peter had a meet cute with current contestant, Kelley Flanagan, at a hotel in Malibu in August. All rom com feels aside, Peter also revealed a key piece of information on Bachelor Party podcast on Wednesday, January 8th: he was already next season’s Bachelor. He explained to host, Juliet Litman, that he had to play coy when he met Kelley and she mentioned she was potentially a contestant on his season:

"She didn’t know if I, nothing had been confirmed yet, if I was going to be the Bachelor. Like, I knew I was, but nothing was out yet."

Even with the utmost leeway, there’s no timeline where he wasn’t already at the tail-end of Bachelor talks with ABC if not already signed to the role by contract. To refresh your memory, After the Final Rose was on July 31st. Mid-August implies to me at some point prior to August 20th being generous. Though I can’t say definitively, I’ve been around long enough to confidently state there’s no timeline in which Peter went from fully available on July 31st to contractually signed as the Bachelor within a 20-day period. My honest opinion? Peter walked out on the ATFR stage already set to be the lead.

And, despite his claims that he was going to turn down the role and “say no to the show,” there’s also no reality where that happens. And I frankly wouldn’t blame him. It’s an understatement to say it’s a coveted title; not only that, but would you really have turned down this grand of an opportunity to “meet up” with your ex who previously dumped you? Methinks not. If he did, he had absolutely no business taking this role for that big of a long shot. If he was truly going to turn down the role, that means he was not in a position to accept the role in the first place.

I have no idea how this season ends, but if Peter is currently engaged, I’m not sure what his angle is here. He sounds salty as hell that Hannah allegedly rejected him, and nothing says bitter like exposing private matters between your ex and her ex who you’re also good friends with. I don’t buy the producer angle in this case either – this would have the exact same narrative if he just simply said, “it felt like there were unresolved feelings there when I saw her and felt chemistry, and that was confirmed when she came on to host the group date and all of those emotions came flooding back.”

I’m sure his intentions were not malicious, but he has a long season ahead of him. It would be best, and least exhausting, if he quit while he (wasn’t) ahead. That said, my popcorn is ready for episode two to watch this mess unfold.

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Do you think Peter should have revealed that Tyler and Hannah were private messaging during the season? Should I start a GoFundMe for Peter’s muzzle? Am I being overdramatic? Let me know in the comments below.