The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart: Everything we know so far

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The Bachelor is bringing another spin-off to the mix–and it involves music.

The Bachelor franchise is growing by the minute and it’s about to get even bigger as ABC has officially greenlit a spin-off to add to the current three shows we already have, according to Deadline. Now, you might be thinking–what’s going to be different about this spin-off? At the end of the day, isn’t it all just the same thing?

Well, yes, but there’s one twist to the new series we didn’t see coming–a musical spin-off. I know we’ve got so many shows out there showing people’s musical talents but what exactly is going on here? Let me enlighten you.

The Bachelor: Listen to your Heart (how cute is this name, though?) will bring in a group of 20 single men and women who are in some way, shape, or form connected to music. Sorry, Jed Wyatt, it looks like you picked the wrong show to be on…

The series will allow the singles to use music as a means to connect with someone. I can already imagine the string of romantic ballads and love songs we are going to get–and I’m excited.

All the dates and activities for the singles will involve music, which leaves room for some great moments to take place. A moonlit dinner as the couple sings to each other? Yes, please. I’ve often wondered how the franchise could potentially grow, and I think they might have found the perfect way to do it.

The best part about The Bachelor: Listen to your Heart? It premieres on April 13th, and essentially fills the gap that we usually have between The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I think Bachelor Nation is very happy right about now. We only have to go three months of the year without any  Bachelor Nation shows–how great is that?!

And if you’re curious as to how this will work, we do have some information on that front. Based on Deadline’s report, it would appear that once couples have decided on a person, there will be a series of musical challenges they will have to complete, which will include live performances.

…Which will be judged by folks from the music business. Who knows, maybe Jay-Z or Beyonce will stop by in the name of love.

The performances will serve as a marker and evaluation method to determine whether or not the couple is really into each other. If you get the most points, you continue. This cycle will continue until we are left with one couple.

For anyone that was worried it might feel too repetitive, especially being the fourth show, I think we don’t have much to worry about. It feels like this spin-off will be very different indeed, and bring out a different side of contestants.

Sorry, Jed Wyatt–you missed out.

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