The Bachelor: Who went home during the season 24 premiere?

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The Bachelor
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The Bachelor premiered its 24th season last night–and it was…interesting. And it also brought the first round of eliminations–check out who went home below!

*Spoiler alert ahead: If you have not watched the season 24 premiere of The Bachelor, be wary of spoilers ahead. 

The Bachelor has officially kickstarted season 24, and just like that, Pilot Pete Weber has begun his journey to finding love. And what a start it was! Over the course of the three-hour premiere, we met the women vying for Peter’s love and got to know them intimately as the competition began to increase.

We all know how quickly Bachelor Nation shows take a turn for the dramatic once you get 30 people in one place fighting for one person. It’s quite the hot mess, and Pilot Pete’s premiere was no exception.

The thing about premieres, however, is that we don’t know the girls yet. We don’t know who are our favorites are, we aren’t necessarily rooting for anyone, and we’re sort of just trying to figure it all out alongside Pilot Pete.

Despite us not knowing The Bachelor contestants just yet, we still had to say goodbye to a handful of them in last night’s premiere. A total of 8 women ended up going home, and not so surprisingly, some of them were absolutely heartbroken.

Check out the list of women who Pilot Pete sent home during the season 24 premiere. You may not have been attached just yet, but let’s give these ladies the Bachelor Nation farewell they deserve.