Which Bachelor alums will be invited to the Hannah Godwin/Dylan Barbour wedding?

Wedding bells are in Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour’s future–but which Bachelor alums will make the invite list?

Bachelor in Paradise gave us one of the franchise’s most beloved couples–Hannah G. and Dylan B. They’re absolutely adorable in every way, and we simply can’t get enough of them. Their love story was rocky at first, but it has continued to grow in the days since they left Paradise.

Hannah and Dylan dropped by Entertainment Tonight’s Roses & Rose“, led by ET’s Lauren Zima. During the episode, the couple played a game called “Sip or Spill”, and spill they did! While drinking tea, the couple talked all about Tyler Cameron (and his hush-hush love life)–and who will be invited to their wedding.

Which Bachelor alums are lucky enough to make it to this adorable couple’s wedding?

Godwin revealed her close group of girlfriends will definitely be there.

Hannah [Brown], Heather [Martin], Katie [Morton] and Demi [Burnett]. We call ourselves HHHDK.

What about Barbour?

Mike brings a lot of energy. That’s who I definitely want [there].

That’s Mike Johnson, just in case you’re wondering.

I’m curious as to whether or not the couple will opt to televise their big day for all to see and be a part of. If anyone is asking me, I hope they don’t do televised, they deserve to have something more intimate. And based on what they told Zima, it doesn’t seem like televised is part of their plan, according to Barbour.

We want it to be kind of small and intimate with our family. One thing we talk about is we shared a lot of ourselves on Paradise and we want to kind of circle back with those that mean the most to us. I think [we want] a smaller wedding and a bigger reception after.

I totally like that idea! Now, if only I could snag an invite to this exclusive event.

When it came time to “Sip or Spill” about who won’t be invited to the wedding, the couple chose to sip. That’s an interesting choice, but I don’t blame them.

As for the rest of the segment, Godwin and Barbour went on to gush over each other, and their love for one another. It seems like the world’s healthiest relationship, and I hope it always stays this cute and loving! #RelationshipGoals

What are your thoughts on who will be invited to the Godwin/Barbour wedding? Share your comments below!