Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood celebrate one year anniversary!

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood celebrate their one year anniversary!

Colton Underwood may have jumped a fence for love, but it was all worth it, wasn’t it? That infamous fence jump led him into the arms of Cassie Randolph shortly after, and life was never the same. It’s hard to believe that these events took place a year ago, and this week, Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph are celebrating their first year of being together.

The adorable couple took to social media to share their love for one another, and as expected it’s full of all the mushy gushy romance that we’ve come to associate with them. Colton and Cassie’s journey was off to a rocky start when Cassie rejected him because she didn’t want to be engaged.

This led to his fence jump and then him telling her that he is okay dating and that the season didn’t have to end with an engagement. Whatever road they took to get here, Bachelor Nation is just happy to see them together and looking as perfect as ever.

Underwood surprised Randolph with a trip to St. Lucia, although, she had no idea what to expect prior to, much to her dismay. According to her interview with Entertainment Tonight, it was quite nerve-wracking not knowing where they were going to go. Since she’s a “control freak”, she just wanted to find out any clues or details so she could pack accordingly.

It looks like all Underwood told her was to pack some bathing suits!

The first year of their relationship has certainly not been easy, especially under the scrutiny of all the press and attention they have received in the days since The Bachelor. Constantly being under the microscope of all of that is extremely challenging, but they did it!

Underwood shared his thoughts on the first year together with Entertainment Tonight, and all I can say is, cue the “awws”.

We’ve grown more confident into who we are, too, and not letting societal pressures or pressures from the show get to us. … It hasn’t been the easiest year with everything and all the changes, but knowing I have her by my side has been great.

Three cheers for the couple that almost didn’t make it! Thank you for reminding us that love is real and worth fighting for!

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