Hannah Brown does the rumba on Dancing with the Stars!

Hannah Brown may not have slayed the rumba, but dang, did she look good on this week’s Dancing with the Stars!

Hannah Brown has been killing it week after week on Dancing with the Stars. And while this week may not have been her strongest, she still looked absolutely stunning. Who knew Miss “Roll, Tide, Divide” was hiding these amazing dancing skills underneath all that Bachelorette drama?!

This week’s theme was “Movie Night”, so Hannah Brown and her dancing partner, Alan Bersten, decided to go with “Hold On” by Wilson Philips from Bridesmaids. The judges gave Brown some constructive criticism that I actually very much agree with.

Given the nature of the song, Hannah B. could have used the dance floor a lot more than she did. In fact, she’s got all the moves to pull that off, so it was a bummer to see her keep herself limited. We’ve seen how she dances and if she took over the dance floor just a tad bit more, I think it would have made all the difference.

Having said that, Hannah Brown and Bersten still managed to get a 21/30 and were marked safe from any elimination. However, no one was sent home anyway because Ray Lewis withdrew from the competition.

After doing the rumba, the judges had some great advice to give, and our girl took it like the champ she is. She was told her dancing is wonderful but she needs to make use of the floor more and use her hips to create more flow and rhythm into the movements that the rumba requires.

Basically, everyone had wonderful things to say, and why wouldn’t they?! Hannah Beast is a talented dancer and despite this week’s very minor hiccup, she’ll come back better and stronger next week–I just know it!

So, for now, our dear Bachelorette continues on in the dancing competition, and I have a sneaking suspicion she may make it all the way to the end. Just saying!

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