Bachelor in Paradise: Is Tayshia and John Paul Jones’ love story over?

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Was Bachelor in Paradise truly the end of Tayshia and JPJ’s love story?

Bachelor in Paradise was not exactly paradise for Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones, at least not in the end. In fact, their love story came to an end during this week’s second episode. I have a bone to pick regarding that episode, by the way. I didn’t think it was fair to force such a big decision on some of these couples. I think couples like Tayshia and JPJ wanted to be together, but maybe engagement was too soon.

After all, they’d known each other for all of three weeks, maybe. Anyway, after Chris Harrison canceled the cocktail party, the remaining couples were asked to figure out what they truly wanted. Of the couple that called it quits, Tayshia and JPJ were amongst them.

But something didn’t feel right about the way they split. JPJ said he was in love, but Tayshia wasn’t quite there just yet. I think she was definitely heading in that direction but it was too soon to expect an “I love you”. Come on, Bachelor in Paradise producers, that wasn’t cool.

Going into next week’s season 6 finale, there is one lingering question on my mind. Did Tayshia and JPJ decide to give their relationship a go in the real world? I have a feeling they did. I know we can’t rely on the promos too much, but during next week’s finale/Tell All, we do see JPJ get down on one knee in front of Tayshia. It could be part of some joke or something else entirely, but I can’t shake the feeling they had something special.

Personally, I think that their love story continued after they both left the beach. And if that was not the case, then I think they rekindled it after the Tell All special. If I’m wrong, I’ll be so disappointed, but I’m definitely Team JPJ and Tayshia. He’s so smitten over her, and she loves it.

Please let me be right, Bachelor in Paradise.

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