The Bachelor: It looks like [SPOILER] could be the next Bachelor!

(ABC/Aaron Poole)
(ABC/Aaron Poole) /

Major Bachelor spoilers ahead–DO NOT READ IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING AT ALL. You’ve been warned.

The Bachelor rumors are circulating around the internet and if you haven’t already come across it, then you gotta teach me how you do it. This is why I’m putting yet another disclaimer out there that if you do not want to know who the next potential Bachelor may be, turn away now. I wouldn’t want to ruin anything for you, especially because it’s not officially confirmed.

YOU’VE BEEN WARNED. Okay, let’s move on.

Bachelor Nation has one source of information (other than the official ones) that they look to every time there is something to learn about contestants, the seasons, etc. And that source is infamously known as Reality Steve. Perhaps some of you know how he knows literally everything, but the guy definitely has some serious connections.

Which is why it comes as absolutely no surprise that he has intel on who the next Bachelor could be. Earlier this week, he took to Twitter to tell the world who it is, and that person is…PETER WEBER. The very same Pilot Pete from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette.

Peter was one of the runner-ups alongside Mike Johnson, and Tyler Cameron (who was presumably taken out of consideration after he started hanging out with Gigi Hadid). If Pete is indeed our guy, I have a feeling that not everyone will be happy. The hope was that Mike Johnson would be the next Bachelor, making him the first black guy to be one. But hey, right now he’s on Bachelor in Paradise connecting with Sydney Lotuaco so maybe he’s not even single right now.

It looks Reality Steve had a follow-up to his tweet stating Pete would be our guy, and this seems to be his more official one.

Well, then. I guess we have our “unofficial official” confirmation, but until we don’t see it with our own eyes. It’s not real.

What are your thoughts on Pilot Pete being the next Bachelor? Share your comments below! I think we need to talk this all but confirmed possibility through.