Bachelorette fashion: The best and worst in episode 1509

ABC/Mark Bourdillon
ABC/Mark Bourdillon /

With only four contestants remaining on season 15 of The Bachelorette, our dudes got lots of screen time and most of them dressed for the occasion. Most of them.

Best dressed (and let’s be honest, best body) goes to sexpot Tyler who started things off strongly and shirtless with his pale blue swim trunks. He can rub sunscreen on me anytime. For his hometown meet, Tyler kept it country club casual with khakis and a light pink button-up and some great loafers. He then rolled in hot to the rose ceremony with the stylish salmon jacket and blue floral tie combo. Can this boy do anything wrong? No, no he can’t.

Runner up is sweetheart Peter the Pilot who had your classic, innocent boy next door vibe on lock. From his daytime/parental meeting navy button-up over a brown t-shirt look to the simple, but sexy navy suit with red tie and white shirt for the rose ceremony, Peter made everyone swoon throughout the entire episode. As did his younger brother.

Our loser this week is Country Boy Jed who looked sad and boring and did nothing to impress me. Homeboy opted for an olive green t-shirt with jeans and brown boots. The rose ceremony brought the return of Jed’s ugly brown suit that needs to burn in a fire. Do better Guitar Man!

The silver medal goes to Jesus Luke who was dressed like a high schooler heading to watch the big game for his hometown in a light jean jacket over light blue polo and dark jeans with brown boots. He improved for the rose ceremony with a navy jacket and pale pink shirt with no tie and a gray pocket square. Dare I say that I actually like this look? But it wasn’t enough to overshadow his poor choices earlier in the episode.

And with no one sent home this week (ugh, why?!?!?), it looks like another week with four players in the fashion game. Until then!

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