What happened to Tyler G.? Check out the Reddit thread + accusations

What happened to Tyler G.? Read the damning Reddit thread that allegedly led to his downfall. Warning: some spoilers ahead.

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette was intense for more than a few good reasons. We saw labor pains, we saw (yet another) Luke P. Oscar-worthy uncomfortable moment and then we got the best news of all when we saw Cam Ayala getting his just desserts. One memorable moment from last night’s episode, though, left us feeling kind of in the dark. What the heck happened with Tyler G.?

Spoiler warning ahead! Don’t read if you haven’t seen last night’s episode.

The circumstances were certainly mysterious. Hannah simply told the camera, “Tyler G. had to leave, and that’s upsetting, because I really enjoyed my date with him.” In interviews before last night’s episode aired, she gave no indication that Tyler G. would be leaving. She even called him a “gentle spirit.”

A little online digging leads us to believe that Tyler G. may have been removed from The Bachelorette thanks to his dating history. There were suspicious online comments about his behavior and even a Reddit thread that was full of red flags.

The Reddit thread dove into what it called Tyler’s “extreme misogynist” behavior. It recounts stories of “public screaming matches” and even an instance where he allegedly spit in a partner’s face. You can read the brief account here.

The decision to remove Tyler G. from The Bachelorette following online comments like these is not too much of a surprise. The series has been trying hard as of late to correct the mistakes of its past by ditching dirty dudes earlier rather than later. Before Hannah’s season even began, the show had already famously dropped two men under mysterious circumstances.

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This movement to keep The Bachelorette clean follows outrageous scandals, like when Lincoln Adim appeared on Becca Kufrin’s season of the series despite his conviction for indecent assault and battery. The Bachelorette is trying hard to protect its contestants going forward and we’re very grateful for it.