What major secret is Colton Underwood planning with a producer??

Former Bachelor Colton Underwood has a secret plan. What is it? And who is the producer that’s dropping hints online about the surprise?

Colton Underwood may not be the Bachelor anymore, but he has definitely not been forgotten. Since he left the show with a girlfriend (Cassie Randolph) but without an engagement, fans have been obsessing on when the couple will take their next step together. Could it be possible that something is already in the works? A quick look at Instagram proves that Colton has some secret plans up his sleeve. . .

Producer John Barra took to the ‘gram recently to post a pic of himself with Colton Underwood. The caption read:

Interesting Wednesday when you have to run a task for @bachelorabc winner @coltonunderwood(and yes, he’s awesome!)

#NoSpoilers #MaybeMay #ItsASecret#Mallorca #Bachelor #Reality

That’s a LOT of hashtags. And it’s interesting that they collectively seem to imply that Colton has got something sneaky going on.

Barra’s post becomes even more interesting when you consider that he and Colton have never actually worked together before. Barra is a producer, but it’s for shows like Nickelodeon’s Paradise Run, Genius Junior and Beat the Clock. As far as we can tell, he has never done work for The Bachelor.

The hashtag “MaybeMay” very obviously leads fans to believe that this big surprise could be revealed sometime next month. When you consider what a producer might be doing with Colton in May and that Colton doesn’t have much TV time outside of The Bachelor, it starts looking possible that he could be planning a spectacular TV proposal for Cassie. Or, at least, this is quickly becoming the most popular theory among fans. With The Bachelorette also airing in May, it feels like good timing for another producer to get on board and help Colton to proclaim his love and commitment around that time.

Then again, we hate to be the downers here, but it must be pointed out that any other producer who does currently work for The Bachelor or Bachelorette could also make that happen. Host Chris Harrison immediately comes to mind.

So will we see Colton dropping to one knee sometime next month? It’s going to feel like forever until we can find out!