Bekah Martinez continues to crusade against online body shamers

Bekah Martinez/ABC
Bekah Martinez/ABC /

The Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez doesn’t have time for mom shamers. She’s posting online again to remind her followers that mommyhood is beautiful.

Bekah Martinez is a total rockstar. In case you missed it, she just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Ruthie Ray back in early February. Throughout her entire pregnancy, birth experience and early parenting days, Bekah has been super open about what she was going through. That doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon; Bekah recently took to Instagram to get real about dealing with “mom shamers.”

In a gorgeous photo, Bekah put her mom bod on full display. She’s got her belly out, her legs unshaven. Most importantly, she’s got a smile on her face and a drink in hand. She’s making parenthood look good and normal.

Bekah’s caption was an opportunity to talk once more about how no mom bod is the same. She writes:

"No one’s body is “🤢”. If you think otherwise, kindly f*ck off or unfollow 🙃"

This post is so ridiculously on-brand for Bekah Martinez. She’s always been incredibly open with her followers, so it figures that she would jump on an opportunity to show them her life as it really is. She’s clearly becoming a role model, seizing the chance to help Bachelor fans everywhere to realize that they, too, are beautiful just the way that they are. It’s perfectly in keeping with her Insta bio, which reads ““Everyone makes mistakes. I just make them in public.” Good for her!

We’re always hoping to see smart, confident women on The Bachelor and Bekah is a great example of exactly what we want from our favorite series. C’mon, ABC, use this mama as a shining example of what kind of contestants we want to see winning those red roses!

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This will undoubtedly not be the last that we hear from Bekah on the topic of mommyhood and body shaming. She’s had a very active online presence since her daughter’s birth. The next time she updates this journey, we’ll be sure to let you know.