Bekah Martinez is a postpartum goddess! See her pics

Bekah Martinez/ABC
Bekah Martinez/ABC /

Bekah Martinez is showing off her post-baby bod in these inspiring pictures. She’s celebrating womanhood: diapers, sweats and all!

Every time I think “It’s impossible to love Bekah Martinez any more than we already do,” she goes and proves me wrong. The Bachelor fan favorite alum is winning our hearts all over again as she makes a statement on the joys of motherhood.

In case you missed the news earlier this month, Bekah and her partner Grayston Leonard welcomed an adorable little girl named Ruthie Ray into this world. It was an absolutely beautiful event and you should totally check out Bekah’s water birth and first baby pics here. They’re stunning.

Now, Bekah is posting on Instagram about the reality of being a mom. In response to all of those people who place the focus on women who are “lucky enough” to see their pre-baby bodies return, Bekah is clapping back with a postpartum pic of her own.

“‘Lucky’ is getting the opportunity to carry a child within you,” she writes. She’s completely right.

Bekah has always been wise beyond her years. When she was on The Bachelor, she made waves for being a super young contestant. In fact, she was so young that the series didn’t even include her age when she popped up on our screens for interviews! Despite the number, though, she has always proven that she is incredibly mature and can school even some of the oldest contestants on how to handle a relationship.

It makes sense, then, that she’d have such a mature take on motherhood. She’s easily one of the most qualified members of Bachelor Nation to have a child and she’s already proving in action that she’s more than up to the task.

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The Bachelor gets a bad rep for pushing through contestants who only focus on beauty over brains. We’re lucky to have Bekah Martinez making news in a way that shows women can be valued for more than their bodies. Mommydom looks good on you, girl!