Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen are goals

We all rooted for Becca Kufrin when she stepped up to the plate after being dumped by Arie on The Bachelor Finale. Becca found the love of her life on her season of the Bachelorette, and according to Instagram and me, they are the cutest couple ever.

When Garret Yrigoyen first came to The Bachelorette. I knew he would make it far and so did Becca Kufrin. He actually made it to like final three on my Bachelorette bracket (everyone should make one, they are so fun). The couple really hasn’t been in the headlines for pretty much anything. As of four days ago, they were still together and happy based off of a post Becca posted. In a situation like this, while staying out of the headlines is boring to us, it’s really great for them and their relationship.

It seems to me like the pair are happily living outside of the Bachelor world, their relationship is surviving and they are managing to stay out of the media. It’s like a true happy Bachelorette ending, a type of ending we rarely see. Of course, there is still PLENTY of time for the relationship to go wrong, AKA forever, but that’s with any relationship. I’m just glad to see them this happy a few months after the cameras shut off. I just can’t wait to see their wedding photos. They are going to be SO cute.

Garrett and Becca Kufrin aren’t the only ones happily trotting along, Lauren and Arie (Becca’s ex) are also doing pretty well. Normally I don’t like Arie, but in a situation like this I’m glad to see both Becca and Arie got to be with people more suitable for them.

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What do you think of Becca and Garrett? Are they meant to be or will they not last? Let us know what you think in the comments!