Jordan Kimball reveals letter he received from Jenna’s lawyer

Photo Credit: Bachelor in ParadiseABC
Photo Credit: Bachelor in ParadiseABC /

 It’s no secret that Jenna Cooper and Jordan Kimball recently split due to a supposed cheating scandal over pictures of text messages that were sent. Now, Jenna is taking action to prove to she didn’t really send those.

Jordan Kimball posted a photo on his Instagram of the letter he received from Jenna Cooper and her legal team following the supposed cheating scandal that took place between the two shortly following the Bachelor in Paradise finale. Jenna has been trying to get legal action taken to prove she didn’t send the messages that they say she send, and it looks like she accomplished that mission.

The email Jordan got basically says that they think Jordan fabricated the messages to give to Reality Steve and if he doesn’t publicly apologize they will reveal that to the public. The email also says not to show the email to anyone else, whoops.

Jordan Kimball clearly thinks he as at no fault or else I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t post the email for his 465k followers to see. I hate to think of Jenna as in the wrong because they were such a cute couple, but the legality of this situation has gotten crazy. At this point, it’s probably better off if they both drop it and move on with their lives separately.

Even Jordan told Entertainment Tonight that he didn’t fabricate these messages. “I absolutely, 100 percent did not fabricate those text messages,” Kimball told Entertainment Tonight, “I’ll put my hand on the Bible for that.

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Jenna, the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alum, was determined to prove that she didn’t cheat, but its been taken to a new extreme. However, the fact that the email says that the fabricated messages were found in messages sent between Jordan and Jenna make Jordan look a little bad. Honestly, it’s all kind of confusing. It looks like some Bachelor alumni are team Jordan though.

Did Jordan fabricate the messages or did Jenna turn this whole thing around to frame Jordan? Let us know what you think in the comments!