Bachelor contestant Chelsea Roy has a secret — what’s she hiding from Arie?

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Bachelor contestant Chelsea Roy has no problem stealing Arie away from the other girls, but will keeping a secret cost her the final rose?

The Bachelor Arie Luyendyk tries to divide his time between 29 girls on the season premiere, but contestant Chelsea Roy will make it her mission to pull him aside more than once. But there’s something she’s hiding from Arie and we’re not sure why she’s keeping a secret unless she thinks it will be a deal breaker.

Chelsea, 29, is from Portland, Maine and works as an executive assistant for a real estate company. Not only does she look like Olivia Caridi from Ben’s season of the Bachelor, she may have something else in common — the villain edit. But the similarities stop there, including the secret Chelsea keeps from Arie when they meet on the season premiere.

First, let’s look at pics of Chelsea and Olivia — then we’ll discuss why Chelsea will quickly become a villain. Oh, and we’ll address the secret and why we think she should have opened up right away.

Here’s Chelsea….

And here’s Olivia Caridi! Do you agree that they look alike?

OK, enough with the doppelgänger thing…

During the Bachelor season premiere, Chelsea Roy annoys some of the girls because she steals Arie away not once, but twice during the cocktail party. Obviously, she’s a girl who knows what she wants. It happens every season, and the girls who do it almost always say, “I’m not here to make friends.”

True, you’re there to find love. Or more Instagram followers. Whatever.

Here’s a sneak peak at Chelsea stealing Arie for the second time…

Enjoy a hint of the drama to come and then we’ll clue you into her silly little secret.

Chelsea’s secret

Apparently, Chelsea didn’t want to tell Arie right away that she is a single mom. It’s not like she’s the first single parent on the show, and Arie is no stranger to dating a girl with a child/children.

Heck, he wanted to propose to The Bachelorette Emily Maynard before she dumped him — she had one child (Ricky) at the time.

Arie also dated a girl with children prior to his time on the Bachelorette — if Chelsea did her homework, she would have known this!

Of course, there is the possibility producers told Chelsea to be mysterious about the fact that she’s a single mom. If so, these contestants need to get a backbone instead of being forced into a ridiculous storyline.

Rant over. Here’s a pic of Chelsea with her three-year-old son. He’s a cutie….

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