Corinne Olympios reveals she has a new man in her life

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While she didn’t find the man of her dreams on reality TV, Corinne Olympios hasn’t given up on dating just yet. 

Corinne Olympios went looking for love on season 21 of The Bachelor, but even her best efforts to win over Nick Vail’s heart didn’t happen. However, it looks like she is doing just fine these days. In fact, the blond reality star has revealed to US Weekly that she has a new guy that she is currently involved with and that it is going well. 

Who is he? Well, she isn’t saying just yet. But Corinne mentioned that all will be revealed very soon. She said that New Year’s may be a good time to tell the world who her new beau is. She seems to be pretty stoked about this guy and she said that she is pretty sure that her fans will be excited as well. 

"“It’s going really well. He’s really cool. You guys are going to be excited to find out who it is eventually.”"

In addition, she dished to People on how her new boyfriend makes her feel. She described him as caring, supportive, and best of all, he makes her laugh and laughs with her. She was definitely ready to move on after she had broke off her engagement to her ex. He had surprised her by proposing immediately after she came home from The Bachelor. 

Now that she is back in the dating game, we are certainly a little curious on who it is. There are a number of possibilities. Could it be someone we know? There were rumors that Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson were romantically involved after the crazy Bachelor in Paradise scandal took place. However, that rumor was squashed by the two reality stars who both said that they are just friends. 

Despite the fact that the scandal was quite an ordeal that temporarily shut down production of Bachelor in Paradise, Corinne and DeMario have struck up a close friendship. It probably wouldn’t be a total surprise if those two eventually hooked up outside of the show. However, she remarked that she was set up with this new man by a friend from reality TV, so that sounds like someone totally new. 

Corinne also just started a weekly podcast called So Random where she gets pretty wild and crazy with her guests. It looks like her stint on The Bachelor has paid off, even though she didn’t get that final rose from Nick Viall. 

Do you think Corinne Olympios is dating someone from Bachelor Nation? 

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