Nick Viall ready to date again, will he snag a date with January Jones even though she turned down his previous offer?

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[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images] /

Nick Viall is ready to start dating again after his Bachelor breakup and it could possibly be with actress January Jones.

Nick Viall has tried his hand at finding love by being on both the receiving end of the rose and handing them out to those lucky ladies on season 21 of The Bachelor. However, his quest has fallen short, but that doesn’t mean he will stop looking anytime soon. In fact, there is one lady who may just want her chance with this guy.

Mad Men actress, January Jones, has made it clear that she has a crush on Nick. Being a huge fan of The Bachelor franchise, she knows all about the seemingly bad boy who thought he had finally found love with his former fiancé, Vanessa Grimaldi. Their breakup in August means that he is single once again and ready to…lip sync?

Ready to do Battle?

Well, that is exactly what was on Nick Viall’s mind when he asked Ms. Jones to compete against him on Lip Sync Battle. According to People, the actress explained the situation to James Corden on his show on Tuesday that she was a little confused over his strange request.

She seems a little confused wondering if his intent was to ask her out or what. She makes no bones that she finds him attractive but despite that, she refused his offer.

“So is that like, his way of asking me out, or does he have a problem with me?” she said. “I don’t know what that was. But I declined, because I don’t need to be humiliated.”

Date or no date?

So, Corden then inquired as to whether Nick had went further and asked her out on an actual date. She said she hasn’t heard from him at all and now January Jones has mixed feelings about her favorite bachelor. She was very confused about the whole thing.

But there may be a shining light in all of this. Nick Viall is definitely open to a date with the actress, but there is a catch. LA Times writer, Amy Kauffman, took to Twitter on Wednesday asking Nick if he will ask January out. He told her that he would, if he knew for sure that she would say yes.

His fans are encouraging him to just do it whether she turns him down or not. But is it too late? Has January Jones changed her mind by now? Stay tuned!

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]