5 ladies we want to see on The Bachelor Winter Games


The Bachelor Winter Games cast won’t be announced for awhile but we’re hoping these ladies are part of ABC’s new spinoff show.

If you’re a Bachelor fan, you won’t want to miss The Bachelor Winter Games in February. Although the premiere is still five months away, we’re already coming up with a cast list and we hope producers are paying attention.

We’ve given our thoughts about the guys we’d like to see on the show. And there is speculation that the show will feature Bachelor couples as well, so we made a list our favorite couples here. Now, let’s get to the ladies we’d like to see compete in what ABC describes as a reality show that will feature “arch-rivals, villains and memorable alumni” who will compete in athletic challenges, “including the toughest sport of all: love.”

Andi Dorfman

She has a no-nonsense personality. She basically told Juan Pablo off after their Fantasy Suite date and went on to become the Season 10 Bachelorette. Andi got engaged to Josh Murray, but that didn’t last long. Many fans applauded her for being straightforward when she shared personal details about her relationship with Josh in her book, “It’s Not Okay.”

Becca Tilley

We totally understand why Becca chose not to go on Bachelor in Paradise but we’re crossing our fingers that she’ll join the Winter Games cast. A few months ago, Becca was a guest on Ashley and Ben’s Almost Famous podcast and confirmed she has “retired” from television. However, she hinted that she might change her mind …

“I’m retired … actually, I say that but the Bachelor Winter Games sounds so fun!”

Emily and Haley Ferguson

Okay, the twins were really mean when they made a brief appearance on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. But, hey, if Nick Viall was allowed to redeem himself in Paradise (season 3), why not let the Emily and Haley do the same on the Winter Games?

Alexis Waters

Every Bachelor show should have a shark/dolphin. We think she’d do really well at athletic competitions. If not, at least she’d be entertaining to watch. But wait…Alexis has a boyfriend. Does that rule her out? Let’s hope not!

[Featured Image via Becca Tilley/Instagram]