The worst ‘Bachelor’ contestants of all time – at least until we meet ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel’s guys

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Nick Viall 

“If you ain’t first, you’re last.” That’s probably the most accurate Instagram bio for Nick Viall that could ever exist.

Unfortunately, after getting brutally dumped by both Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe, Nick felt it was necessary to go ruin Paradise.


Nick arrived in Paradise like the Don of the Bachelor franchise. Eww.

First, he fell for Amanda Stanton. Then he lost her to Josh Murray…again. (0 for 2 there, Nick). Just like a child playing a game, the moment things didn’t go Nick’s way, he whined and complained.

And then he tried to make fun of some of his Paradise co-stars, including Josh. Keyword — ‘tried.’

Nick — it really doesn’t matter that Josh makes strange noises! HE TOOK ANOTHER GIRL FROM YOU! (Even if it didn’t last.)

Clearly, Nick picked on Josh because he was a sore loser. But that wasn’t the worst of the worst.

Posting a photo with a heartfelt  “you were incredible in the Fantasy Suite” caption on Instagram after blindsiding Jen Saviano on the Bachelor in Paradise finale makes Nick the absolute worst.

As in “I really just wanted to become the Bachelor so I played you, Jen.” That bad.

Imagine if you tagged your ex in an Instagram after surprising her with a televised breakup? That was truly a Nick move — terrible.

And then Nick became the most boring Bachelor of all time. Of course, he got engaged. He’s in love, right?

We’re not trying to be negative here but … let the countdown begin ’til he releases a “we’re going to remain friends forever” breakup statement.

Is Nick Viall really the Number One Worst Bachelor Contestant of all time? Let’s wait until we get to know Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay’s guys before we give him a permanent place on our list.

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