4 ‘The Bachelor’ Proposals That Led To Ugly Breakups

bachelor breakups couples split
bachelor breakups couples split /

A romantic proposal on The Bachelor usually requires a few tissues but sometimes we cry because we know a breakup will be coming soon.

The Bachelor franchise is known for tearing our hearts out when our favorite couples break split after the show. But we still hold out hope when we watch the romantic final rose ceremony proposals on not only The Bachelor, but the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is just days away from handing out her final rose. So, it’s only right that we take a trip down memory lane and find four of the most romantic proposals in the franchise’s history. But here’s the kicker — the love stories didn’t last long. In fact, one couple broke up by phone. Hey, at least it wasn’t by text.

Jason and Melissa —The Bachelor Season 13

Jason Mesnick proposed to Melissa Rycroft but, in the end, he really wanted to marry runner-up Molly Malaney. There are rumors that producers talked Jason into dumping Molly at the final rose ceremony because they wanted her to be the next Bachelorette.

It seems that there were some shady backroom negotiations between Mesnick and the show’s producers. Jason had to publicly humiliate himself on national TV in order to get Molly all to himself. Who can forget Jason breaking up with Melissa on the After the Final Rose so he could tell Molly she was “the one”? Was that staged? Heck, yeah. There’s no way they broke up on TV. It was over long before they sat down with Chris Harrison.

It all worked out okay. Jason married Molly on a Bachelor wedding special. They are still married and live with their daughter and Jason’s son from a previous relationship.

Jake and Vienna — The Bachelor Season 14

Jake Pavelka proposed to Vienna Girardi during the Season 14 rose ceremony.  What followed is probably the most epic breakup in the history of the show. Pavelka was all about the showmance at the final rose ceremony. How could he be in love with Vienna when he was so in love with himself? Now we now know why he stars on the soap opera, The Bold and The Beautiful.

Three months after they got engaged, Jake broke up with Vienna by phone. Classy. Their breakup played out on a Bachelor special hosted by Chris Harrison. We can’t even begin to describe this hot mess. Watch the video above and you’ll see why Jake isn’t a fan favorite.

Emily and Jef – The Bachelorette Season 8

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm got engaged and walked off into the sunset with Emily’s daughter, Ricki. Very romantic, right? The cute couple photos that circulated online after the finale didn’t last long.

Three months after the final rose ceremony aired on ABC, Emily and Jef split. There were rumors that she was busy texting the last guy she was engaged to — Bachelor Brad Womack — but they call them rumors for a reason.

Emily is married with three children. Jef is living the single life in California with his roommates Chase McNary and Robby Hayes. All three are said to be joining the Bachelor in Paradise cast this summer. Someone please try to convince me that they’re really looking for love.

Amanda and Josh — Bachelor in Paradise Season 3

Josh Murray was really sweaty when he proposed to Amanda Stanton on Bachelor in Paradise last summer. Then again, Josh was sweaty all season. Perhaps he knew that one day, Amanda would read his ex, Andi Dorfman’s book. Some people sweat the big stuff, not just the small stuff.

For awhile, it appeared that Amanda and Josh were happier than two kids in Disney World. A few months later, they split. However, the dirt didn’t come out about their relationship until Amanda’s Paradise pals, Haley and Emily Ferguson, started tweeting about Josh being abusive.

Amanda told fans she’s not going back to Paradise this summer. We’re not so sure about Josh. After all, free pizza and an over-the-top love story? Josh will be there.

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