30 ‘The Bachelor’ Villains And Why We Love to Hate Them

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27. Juan Pablo Galavis

Some of Juan Pablo’s worst moments happened off camera, and he’s still one of The Bachelor’s most reviled characters. It’s no small feat to be the villain of your own season, but somehow Juan Pablo managed to make even his own contestants hate him a little.

Juan Pablo not only made some pretty homophobic comments about who should (or shouldn’t be) the next bachelor, but he was also pretty awful to the women he was courting. He told his runner up, Clare Crawley, “I love f—ing you, but I don’t know you.” As charming as this moment was, he went on to convince Nikki Ferrel to stick it out and he chose her, reluctantly.

Juan Pablo famously refused to say “I love you” to even his first choice, citing a language barrier, which is totally ridiculous. Nikki and Juan Pablo gave a good run, appearing on the VH1 show, Couples Therapy and acting like a giant jerk on there too.

Juan Pablo may not have made the best decisions while the cameras were pointed at him, but at least he had the foresight not to go on any of the spin offs. In a less controlled environment, his douchey-ness could easily go off the rails, and there wouldn’t be enough damage control in the world to fix his rep.