30 ‘The Bachelor’ Villains And Why We Love to Hate Them

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28. Courtney Robertson

Courtney Robertson fell in love with Ben Flajnik and then commenced to make his life miserable after they broke up. She wrote a tell-all book that wasn’t a very flattering depiction of her ex-fiance, or the show in general for that matter.

Long before she was writing books or divulging secrets, she was just another contestant on The Bachelor, and she definitely wasn’t making friends. She was relentless in her pursuit of her man (and that giant ring) and she broke every rule in the book trying to get Ben to notice her. The other girls began to resent her almost immediately, so she showed no consideration for the the process, the journey, or the rules of the game.

Her biggest moment of infamy is probably that skinny dipping scene which, we learned later, turned into full on sex. She insulted the other contestants, alienating herself from them and viewers, and she was even booed on the live reunion.

Courtney has maintained her innocence in the whole matter, claiming she didn’t really know how awful she was being until she watched the final cut of the show. Whether or not that is true, Courtney didn’t make a whole lot of fans happy clawing her way to the final two, and she certainly didn’t make any friends. Although, it doesn’t seem like she was there to do that in the first place.