30 ‘The Bachelor’ Villains And Why We Love to Hate Them

30 of 30

1. Nick Viall

If you ask me, Nick really wasn’t all that nefarious of a villain. Sure, he was universally and adamantly hated by the other men in the house, but it’s probably only because he was far less dude-bro than the rest of them. More likely, it was because he was sensitive and completely focused on giving Andi Dorfman his undivided attention.

Things went completely awry when Andi picked Josh after the fantasy suite. They got decidedly more awkward when Nick pressed her for answers on the After the Rose show. He demanded to know why she slept with him if she never loved him like he claimed, and America’s collective clench was serious and real in that moment.

He came back for a second round in the middle of Kaitlyn’s season, much to the dismayal of the king of dude-bros, Shawn. America kinda got mad at him for sleeping with Kaitlyn during their fantasy suite date, but I don’t really see the harm. Shawn-fans resented his turning up and stealing focus, but it is a dating show, afterall. A healthy dose of competition is built into the premise.

On his third and finale attempt to find love, he was the one doing the picking and he fared much better for it. He got a lot of mean tweets about his propensity to cry so easily, but he mostly handled himself with class. Maybe he’s redeemed his villain reputation on his third trip to The Bachelor mans.