30 ‘The Bachelor’ Villains And Why We Love to Hate Them

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4. Lace Morris

Okay, okay. So, lace wasn’t so much of a villain, as an over-served mean girl who flirted too hard with her crush. The minute she burst onto the scene in Ben Higgins’ season, she was ostracized by the other girls.

First, nobody likes the girl that gets too drunk at the party, and Lace got too drunk, too early. Through slurred speech and stumbles, she insulted all the other girls and offered more side eye than I can take in one sitting. Ben didn’t seem to mind Lace’s antics, and he singled her out for a lot of one on one attention.

Of course, this made the girls hate her more, and things only escalated from there. The more Ben seemed to like her, the more the other girls hated her, and Lace just leaned in. She was loud, out-spoken, and very assertive with her intentions with Ben. She got labeled “crazy” and it followed her all over social media.

Lace was eliminated and left with tears and regret. She went on to make quite a name for herself on Bachelor in Paradise. She tried to kindle a relationship with franchise trainwreck Chad, but just wound up getting yelled at and manhandled. She redeemed herself with a sweet little fling with Grant, until it ended, like they all do.